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Welcome to the website of the City of London's Livery Companies. This website concentrates on City of London civic matters, and particularly those relating to the Livery Companies and their Clerks. It assumes some existing involvement or knowledge of the livery companies.

However, if you are new to the livery world, and are considering joining a livery company, this introductory paper may help.

At the menu bar above, you may find at A-Z Lists contact details of all 110 livery companies and their halls, and also records of past lord mayors, sheriffs and aldermen; at Briefings details of the various courses available to liverymen and freemen; the Diary shows a calendar of forthcoming events up to two years ahead; the Clerks' Almanac offers guidance on some of the customs and practices of the livery companies (including a section on the Sheriffs); the Library & Links lists publications and websites for further reading; and the Livery Companies Database shows personalities and contact details, and much else, for every company.

The Livery Committee has two principal purposes – to oversee the arrangements for Common Hall: at the Election of Sheriffs on Midsummer Day, and the Election of the Lord Mayor each Michaelmas Day. And to act as the conduit for communication between the Livery (and its masters, prime wardens, courts, liverymen and clerks) and with Guildhall (including the Chamberlain’s Court), Mansion House, and the Old Bailey, on any matter affecting the interests of the general body of the Livery. 

For the Committee's terms of reference and constitution please follow this link.

And now take a moment, if you wish, to explore the site and read more about the 110 livery companies, and the Sheriffs of the City of London.

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December 2017

The badge shown at the head of this page is that worn by the Chairman of the Committee. It was designed and made by Grant Macdonald, and presented to the Committee by Geoffrey Bond OBE DL, when he himself relinquised the role of chairman in 2010.

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