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Welcome to the website of the City of London's Livery Companies. This website concentrates on City of London civic matters, and particularly those relating to the Livery Companies and their Clerks. It assumes some existing involvement or knowledge of the livery companies.

Index: The new index below gives links to the relevant page at this site for each subject alphabetically listed. Those annotated Diary will not only show the date of the event (up to two years ahead), but also usually provide a further link showing more details of the event.

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A-Z Lists

Admission of Sheriffs - Sheriff matters

After dinner speaking - Library

Aldermen - A-Z list

Aldermanic progression -June 2016

Aldermen 1222 - 2017.xls - A-Z list

Aldermen current - A-Z list

Aldermen of the City of London -1912, Beaven - Library

Aldermen of the City of London 1900-2010, Chalstrey - Library

Aldermen, Lord Mayors, Sheriffs - A-Z list

Aldermen's Court dates

Ale Conner - Elections

Allocution - Dinners & protocol

Almanac for Clerks

Almshouses - Charity


Apprentice - Freedom & Apprentices

Apprentices - Livery Companies Apprenticeship Scheme  - Education

Armed Services affiliations - Database

Art exhibitions - Diary

Australia & New Zealand, City & Livery Links - Library


Badges, wearing thereof - Dinners & protocol

Badges of the City of London Livery Companies, Goddard - Library

Barbican Centre - websites

Barts View Day - Diary

Blue Book - Library

Bridge - Diary

Briefings & Courses

Brokerage Citylink - Charity


Candlemas - Diary

Caterers, approved at Guildhall- Dinners & protocol

Caterers - Dinners & protocol

Central Criminal Court

Ceremonial surrounding the installation of the new Lord Mayor

Chairman's Report  - Livery Committee


Charity applications - Charity

Charity grants - Charity

Children's Magical Taxi Tour - Diary

Church Services

Church, Sport, Trade

Churches - A-Z list

City & Guilds  - Education

City and Livery links with Austalia and NZ

City and Metropolitan Welfare Charity - Charity

City Bridge Trust - Charity

City Churches - A-Z list

City Consorts Society (C Squared) - Masters

City Freedom - Freedom & Apprentices

City Livery Club Root & Branch award - Diary

City Livery Companies - 40 page orange coloured booklet - Library

City Music Foundation - Charity

City Obligation - Financial City

City of London and its Lord Mayor, Stuttard (2008) - Library

City of London Corporation - websites

City of London Directory & Livery Companies Guide (the Blue Book) - Library

City of London Education Strategy  - Education

City of London Equality & Diversity policy - Clerks’ Almanac

City of London Freemen's Guide, Jagger - Library

City Values Forum - Financial City

CityUK - Financial City

cityview - The magazine of the City of London Corporation - Library

Civic London to 1558 (Records of Early English Drama) - Library

Clerk employment matters

Clerks' Almanac

Clubs & Guilds

Common ConfusionsA-Z list - Livery Companies

Common Hall

Common Council meetings - Diary


Consorts Guide for livery masters’ spouses (not authorised)



Courses & Briefings

Croquet - Diary


Debrett's Correct Form - Library

Decorations - Dinners & protocol


Dinners & Protocol

Direct Debits

Discovering London's Guilds and Liveries, Melling - Library

Doggett's Coat & Badge Race - Diary

Dress codes - Dinners & protocol


Education & Schools

Education Lecture at Guildhall by Secretary of State, February 2016  - Education

Election addresses of sheriff candidates

Election of Sheriffs - Elections


English Clergy Association - Charity

Equality & Diversity policy, City of London - Clerks’ Almanac


Fellowship of Clerks

Finance & Business (incl Computer matters)

Financial City

Financial Services Group - Financial City

Food Lecture - Diary


Freedom & Apprentices - Freedom & Apprentices

Freedom by Patrimony.pdf - Freedom & Apprentices

Freedom by Redemption.pdf - Freedom & Apprentices

Freedom by Servitude.pdf - Freedom & Apprentices

Freedom of the City - Freedom & Apprentices

Freemasons - Charity

FSG leaflet 2016.17 - Financial City


Garden of Remembrance ceremony - Diary

Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace - Diary

Golf - Diary

Grace - Laudi Spirituali - Dinners & protocol


Gresham College  - Education


Guildhall Eligible Caterers list 2015-17


Halls - A-Z list - see also Livery Halls


Heraldry Offer


How to join a livery company

How to be Lord Mayor



Inter livery sports



Jailed & Bailed Diary

Jargon Buster - Clerks’ Almanac

Joining a livery company


Knollys Rose Ceremony - Diary


laudi_spirituali - Dinners & protocol

LCSC Response to consultation on apprenticeships legislation

Leathersellers' Company - A History, Hunting - Library

Library & Links

List of Masters Pocket Guide

Livery Briefing

Livery Committee

Livery Committee - a short history - Livery Committee

Livery Committee Chairman's Reports - Livery Committee

Livery Committee Courses - Briefings & Courses

Livery Committee Membership - Livery Committee

Livery Committee Record of Chairmen - Livery Committee

Livery Committee TOR's.pdf - Livery Committee

Livery Companies - A-Z list

Livery Companies Apprenticeship Scheme  - Education

Livery Companies Database

Livery Company - how to join?

Livery Companies of the City of London (1892), Hazlitt - Library

Livery Companies Skills Council - Education

Livery Halls - A-Z list

Livery Halls, by dining capacity - A-Z list

Livery in Education 2015 - Education

Livery Profile 2011 - Library

Livery Schools Link  - Education

LMS Guard of Honour

London Footprints - brief historical and architectural descriptions of Livery Halls - Library

London Livery Companies: History, Law and Customs, Palfreyman - Library

London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) - Websites

Lord Mayor

Lord Mayor - Job Description and Person Specification

Lord Mayor - Profiles (The Times)

Lord Mayor's Banquet - Diary

Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch - Diary

Lord Mayor Locum Tenens Library

Lord Mayor's Overseas Visits programme

Lord Mayor - The Times Profiles & Obituaries of past LM’s

Lord Mayor's Show - Diary

Lord Mayor's Show Guard of Honour - Masters

800 years of the Lord Mayor's ShowLibrary

Lord Mayor's Speeches - Library

Lord Mayor’s Appeal - Charity

Lord Mayors and Sheriffs from 1979 - A-Z list

Lord Mayors and Sheriffs, from1872.xls - A-Z list

Lord Mayors' Portraits 1983-2013 - Library

LSL Annual Report 14-15.docx


Mansion House

Mansion House Scholarship Scheme - Charity

Master Clerk Pocket Guide

Masters & Past Masters

Masters' Badges of the City of London Livery Companies, Goddard - Library

Masters' Biographies - some thoughts

Masters' Picture Book online

Medals, the wearing thereof- Dinners & protocol

Merchant Taylors of York Dissertation - Library

Military affiliations

Mistresses and Consorts' Picture Book

Modern Livery Companies

Music - Dinners & protocol


National Anthem - Dinners & protocol

National Farmers Union Magazine article - Library

New Guilds & Modern Companies

New guilds and companies guidance

New Lord Mayor ceremonies

Newsletter Livery Briefing - Library

NFU Magazine Nov 15 - Library

Non aldermanic sheriffs 1199 on

Northern liverymen Brigantes Breakfast - Diary


Obituaries of past LMs (The Times)

Old Bailey

Online booking for Briefings & Courses


Pancakes - Diary

Pass the port.pdf - Dinners & protocol

Past Masters  - Masters

Past Masters’ Associations.pdf  - Masters

Photography.pdf - Dinners & protocol

Pocket Guide List of Masters

Prime Wardens - A-Z list - Livery Companies

Processing into dinner.pdf - Dinners & protocol

Profiles of recent past LMs (The Times)

Progression to the Shrievalty - Elections

Pullman, Nigel


RBL Garden of Remembrance

Real Tennis - Diary

Recording a freeman

Red Cross Christmas Market - Diary

Remembrance Sunday- Diary

Report to Common Hall


Role of the Sheriffs - Sheriffs

Root & Branch award - Diary

Royal Charter Guidance


Sailing - Diary

Sample WCMPC Booking Form

School Governors' One-Stop Shop  - Education

Seating plans.pdf - Dinners & protocol

Secret City of London video

Setting up a PMA.pdf - Masters

Sheep Drive across London Bridge - Diary

Sheriff Chain Appeals - Sheriffs

Sheriff Job Description Sheriffs

Sheriffs - Elections

Sheriff matters (also with links re Lord Mayor) - Sheriffs

Sheriff mother company guidance - Sheriffs

Sheriffs, non aldermanic - Election address archive

Sheriffs' & Recorder's Fund - Charity

Shooting - Diary

Silent Ceremony

Site Map

Skiing - Diary

Social Media Engagement Guidelines

Sons & Friends of the Clergy - Charity


Speeches – the basics - Dinners & protocol


Stepping Forward, A Tribute to Military Reservists livery/military affiliation - Library

Styles of Address - Dinners & protocol

Summons to Common Hall


Tacitus Lecture - Diary

Tennis - Diary

The Financial City

The London City Livery Companies' Vindication (1885) by Gilbert and Rivington - Library

The Times - Obituaries of past LM's

The Times - Profiles of incoming LM's

TheCityUK - Financial City

This Ghastly Affair: Great War Letters from the Leathersellers Archives - Library

Toasts – the detail - Dinners & protocol

Town Clerk letter to the Livery


Trade Groups

Treloar's - Charity

Twin aldermanic sheriffs


United Guilds’ Service - Diary


Vade Mecum 2013 - Library

Vade Mecum - Library


Ward Clubs - A-Z list


Wet 10

Wufoo Online Forms Info

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