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The Court of Aldermen has 25 members, one representing each ward of the City of London, together with the Recorder of London. They are elected by the registered voters within the ward, and stand for re-election at least every six years. They retire by custom at 70 years of age. 

At the database mentioned below, the historic listing of aldermen now includes a new column which shows the next re-election due date for each of those currently in post. (ie six years after their last election, or on reaching 70)

The historic requirement that aldermen sit as magistrates in the City of London was dropped in 2013, but many of those listed below still do so.

The list is in order of the year in which they have served as Lord Mayor, or it has been formally advised** that they may do so (subject to election), and thereafter in the order of their first election as an alderman. The link from their surname should take you to their entry at the City of London website.

**To read the latest (June 2019) guidance from the Town Clerk on aldermanic progression, click here.

To download a complete list (Excel ss) of all Lord Mayors, Sheriffs, Aldermen, and  an archive of livery past masters, please click here.   NB  tabs at foot of  MS Excel spreadsheet - LM’s, Sheriffs, and Aldermen.

Mr Alderman        Ian              Luder CBE   Castle Baynard      Cooper (elected LM, 2008)

Mr Alderman        Nicholas      Anstee         Aldersgate   Butcher (LM 09-10)

Alderman Sir        David          Wootton      Langbourne Solicitor (LM 11-12)

Alderman Sir        Roger          Gifford        Cordwainer  Musician (LM 12-13)

Alderman Sir        Alan            Yarrow      Bridge Fishmonger (LM 14-15)

Alderman Sir         Andrew       Parmley       Vintry         Musician (LM 16-17)

Alderman Sir         Charles        Bowman      Lime Street  Grocer (LM 17-18)

Alderman Sir        Peter           Estlin          Coleman Street   Int’l Banker (LM 18-19)

Mr Alderman        William       Russell         Bread Street Haberdasher (2013)

Mr Alderman        Vincent        Keaveny    Farringdon Within Solicitor (2013)

Mr Alderman        Tim            Hailes          Bassishaw    Solicitor (2013)

Alderman Professor Michael   Mainelli      Broad Street    World Trader (2013)

Miss Alderman     Alison         Gowman     Dowgate      Glover (first elected, 2002)

Mr Alderman        David          Graves        Cripplegate  Solicitor (2008)

Mr Alderman        John            Garbutt       Walbrook     Weaver (2009)

Alderman Baroness Patricia      Scotland QC    Bishopsgate    Skinner (2014)

Mr Alderman        Robert         Howard   Cornhill       Gardener (2015)

Mr Alderman       Alastair       King        Queenhithe    Blacksmith (2016)

Mr Alderman        Gregory      Jones QC    Farringdon Without    Leathersellers (2017)

Mr Alderman        Nicholas      Lyons      Tower      Merchant Taylor (2017)

Mr Alderman       Prem            Goyal OBE     Portsoken    Plumber (2018)

Miss Alderman   Emma          Edhem          Candlewick   Woolman (2018)

Mr Alderman   Robert         Hughes-Penney   Cheap   Haberdasher (2018)

Mrs Alderman  Susan          Langley OBE       Aldgate    Insurer   (2018)

Mr Alderman   Bronek        Masojada        Billingsgate  Insurer (2019) 

For more on the Court of Aldermen, please visit this link at the City of London website.

For a list of the Aldermen’s Court dates, follow this link.

To download a complete list (Excel ss) of all Lord Mayors, Sheriffs, Aldermen, and an archive of livery past masters, please click here. 

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