Past Masters' archive

This comprehensive archive is available to download as an Excel spreadsheet, containing various (7) tabs (sheets) at the foot of the workbook.

Listed from the left, they are:


Lord Mayors

LM&Sheriffs since 1832


LM, sheriffs & livery masters

Clerks, by company

Clerks, single list

The one for past masters is that named LM, sheriffs & livery masters

From February 2020, it now also includes (at the extreme right) columns for the Recorder of London, Chief Commoner, Town Clerk, Chamberlain, Remembrancer, Livery Committee chairman, PMA, Prime Minister and Monarch (LM & Sheriffs are to the extreme left).

Two separate tabs for CLERKS show the historical archive of livery clerks who have served back in time, in two alternative formats. The Clerks’ tabs are to the right at the foot of the ss.

Generally speaking, those tab coloured sheets red and blue contain the basic information. For greater detail, please go to one of the other monochromed tabs for more (eg dates of birth, death etc).

The Alderman sheet now has a new column (N) showing due date of the next election in each ward.

When you have opened the red worksheet, the dates/years down the left side of the page, and the column headings across the top (including the name of each livery company, in precedence order) can be frozen so that scrolling up/down, or left/right, leaves the headings in place.

With 110+2 livery companies listed, not to mention many columns of data about the LM & Sheriffs and others, clearly there is much data to navigate. So for example, the Modern Companies (lowest in the precedence order) will hence be well to the right hand end of the sheet. The Arts Scholars (110) are listed in column EC.

And with many archives going back to the middle ages, there are literally hundreds of years of records to scroll through. The masters for the year 2019 are in row 831! (2020 cohort will be added en bloc in December 2020)

Should you wish to create a list of all masters of a particular year, highlight all their names, and then (on a Mac) go to Edit: Paste Special: Transpose which will then produce a column list. Or follow this Help.

Feedback on this archive is welcome to its compiler. Or if you are having difficulty downloading the Excel spreadsheet, please email

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