The constitution of the Livery committee is as follows:

2 x aldermen 

Sir Michael Bear elected June 2013

Mr William Russell elected June 2015

6 x common councilmen

Mr Christopher Hayward elected June 2016 

Mrs Wendy Mead elected June 2013

Miss Judith Pleasance elected June 2016

Mr Richard Regan Committee Chairman

Mr Ian Seaton


6 x liverymen – one Great 12, one Association, and four Fellowship

Mr Robin Booth (Clothworker) - Great 12 nominee - elected June 2014

vacancy - Association of Clerks nominee

Fellowship of Clerks nominees:

Ms Fiona Adler (Tobacco Pipe-Maker) elected June 2016

Mr David Cole-Adams (Tyler & Bricklayer)  - elected June 2014

Mr Andrew Marsden (Marketor) elected June 2016

Ms Victoria Russell (Arbitrator) elected June 2011  Committee Deputy Chairman

6 x clerks – two from each association

Rear Admiral Nick Harris (Merchant Taylor) elected June 2011

Colonel Hamon Massey (Ironmonger) elected June 2016

Mr Chris Twyman (Painter-Stainer) elected June 2015

Mr Russell Vaizey (Dyer) elected June 2015

Mr Philip Grant (Needlemaker) - elected June 2014

Mr Paul Herbage (Tax Adviser) elected June 2011

Terms of office are for three years, and a maximum of two terms (i.e. Six years in total, but there is now special dispensation for chairman and deputy)

Note: The clerks of the 110 livery companies divide themselves into three groups: The Great 12; the Association of Clerks, representing all companies that have their own hall (other than the Great 12); and the Fellowship of Clerks, which all clerks are eligible to join, though it acts mainly on behalf of those whose companies do not have halls. It is these three groups who nominate the liverymen and clerks above.

For more detail on the procedure for electing new members to the Committee, please go to the Constitution and History page.

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