Rifle Shoot

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The annual Inter Livery Rifle Shoot is held at Bisley, usually on the first Friday in June, the day before the Derby.

The date for 2023 is Friday 2nd June 2023

The date for 2024 is Friday 7th June 2024

Further details are below.

Or you may email the organiser, the Bakers’ Company

Eligibility: teams of three liverymen (incl freeman/apprentices); their children also welcome, if over 14 years of age. Some capacity for individuals. Limited to 16 teams.

Past winners of the Bakers' Cup: 

2022 Merchant Taylors

2021 Clothworkers

2020 Not Shot – Covid 19

2019 Carpenters

2018 Gunmakers

2017 Clothworkers

2016 Gunmakers

2015 Gunmakers

2014 Gunmakers


The day is run in conjunction with the RAF Target Rifle Club based at their attractive club house. We shoot five disciplines, among the favourites are long range rifle,  “cowboy” style pistol, and the moving target. The exact disciplines vary year to year. The day includes breakfast, lunch, tea and free bar in the evening.

There are team and individual prizes, including the Bakers' Cup and the Tim Bone Rose bowl. Rifle shooting is very much open to all, on an equal footing, and ladies and gentlemen compete equally. A fun day for all with a dedicated coach each.

The surplus generated is donated to RAF charities, part supporting a course for disadvantaged Air Cadets to improve life skills.



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