Dinners & Protocol

Speeches etc

Allocution - the Preamble at the start of livery dinner speeches

Allocution especially relating to the Lord Mayor Locum Tenens - a view

Speeches - the Basics

Styles of Address - some guidance

Toasts - the Detail

Catering etc

Caterers - an introduction to City caterers at livery halls

Approved caterers at Guildhall

Please pass the port - a light hearted but helpful note on the etiquette of port at dinner

Dress, badges etc

Badges - the wearing thereof

Decorations - when to specify their use, and related thoughts

Dress Codes - a guide for the newcomer to formal occasions in the City

Medals, the wearing thereof - some guidance from the Royal British Legion

Music, grace etc

Grace - Laudi Spirituali - words & musicwith melody (see below for words only)

Music - at livery dinners

Musical entertainment - a list of some bands etc

National Anthemwords & music

Grace (Note, no word AND twixt honour, glory in penultimate line)

(from The Laudi Spirituali, AD 1545)

For these and all Thy mercies given,

We bless and praise thy Name O Lord:

May we receive them with thanksgiving,

Ever trusting in Thy word;

To Thee alone be honour, glory;

Now and henceforth for evermore.

A link to the melody is at the Music note above.


Loving Cup, ceremony of

Masters & Clerks’ Dinner and apostrophes

Photography - use of professionals

Seating plans - some principles, protocol, and etiquette 

Vade Mecum - re-published in 2013, by the Clerks’ Association.

Vade Mecum - first published in 2000, and not updated.

Processing- and other thoughts for the hosts and beadle

VIPs, Processing etc (see also notes above on Allocution, Speeches, Toasts and Photography)

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