This note is one of a series placed in the ClerksÕ Almanac by the Livery Committee. Most are written by its chairman, of whom you may read more at the foot of the Contact page.

 They are intended to be of guidance to livery clerks, especially new ones, or those seeking advice on a particular topic. They are not prescriptive, and how individual companies choose to conduct their affairs is, of course, entirely up to them.


Valuation & Insurance of Livery Company Treasures


The insurance needs of the various livery companies will vary widely, and any clerk who plans to review their companyÕs insurance needs will be wise to consult a broker. This note simply serves to offer some initial guidance.


Livery Companies Mutual – many of the hall owning companies have formed this mutual to insure themselves. It is outside the scope of this paper.




The GoldsmithsÕ Company has recommended Rupert Huddy of The Guild of Valuers and Jewellers


The Art ScholarsÕ Company has recommended Alastair Dickenson for silver valuations. He can be contacted via the Art ScholarsÕ Clerk.


These professionals will provide photos, detailed inventories, including written descriptions, engraving text, hallmark details, maker, weight and size.




Companies such as Hiscox (contact James Standen 020 7448 6000) and Zurich (contact Julian Glaeser 020 7648 3046) specialise in fine art all risks property insurance and work with clients to put preventative measures in place that help protected rare and valuable possessions.  For example, for irreplaceable items such as paintings and decorated silver, high resolution detailed images can be stored such that in the event of total loss, such works of art can at least be replicated.




Perkins Slade (successfully used by the World Traders over many years) is but one of the insurance brokers who offer expertise in the peculiar needs of livery companies.


Nigel R Pullman

Livery Committee

With thanks to the Clerk of the Makers of Playing Cards, and all the companies mentioned in the text.


2nd April 2015


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