Lockdown Livery Quiz

This quiz has been put together to provide some entertainment while there is little other livery activity possible, and also some food for thought.  It will let you assess your own level of acquired knowledge of the City and the Livery.  Some answers may entail a bit of online research and therefore let you discover where to find sources of more detailed information on the City.

It is not a competition, and there are no prizes!

1. Which livery hall convenes each year as a formal Court of Law, and why?

2. What dating from 1737 should all Freemen of the City and London have?

3. What is a bakers’ dozen and why did the expression originate?

4. Which liveryman famously served as Lord Mayor four times?

5. Who was the final “Lord Mayor of London”?

6. Why are the Carmen considered ancient yet the Farmers modern?

7. A race was established in 1715 to commemorate the accession of George 1 to the throne.  What is it called? 

8. What explanation is often given for the phrase “at sixes and sevens”?

9. What is unique about the Apothecaries as a livery company?

10. What was the subject of a book by Nicholas Woolf, husband of a recent Lord Mayor?

11. Which company was limited to 110 liverymen on forming in 1953 but increased to 240 in 1984?

12. What is the oldest continually elected office in the City of London?

13. Which Worshipful Company is not a livery company on the order of precedence?

14. Which livery company master traditionally serves a two year term?

15. Which City role is directly elected by the whole of Common Council?

16. What does the City Swordbearer keep in a pocket on the underside of his Muscovy Hat?

17. What type of structure was erected without consent to give rise to the annual Knolly’s Rose ceremony?

18. “My gracious darling, for goodness sake make haste since I’m very cold”. What is the relevance of this livery statement?

19. Which livery company has the one word motto “Cito” (swiftly in Latin)?

20. What did Alderman Andrew Parmley claim the cost of his shrieval chain would have bought where he came from?

21. Which livery company installs an Upper Bailiff, rather than a Master?

22. In what common way are both the Air Pilots and Master Mariners unique as livery companies?

23. The Rose Bowl Ceremony is being conducted.  What should you do when your turn comes?

24. If you are asked if you know the Bishop of Norwich, what should you say?

25. Which Great Twelve Companies are in halls constructed after the Second World War? 

26. What special delicacy is served at an annual charity lunch in May at Merchant Taylors’ Hall?

27. What debt was repaid by the Drapers to the Carpenters in World War Two?

28. What right did the City of London get in 1215 that it still exercises today?

29. How many Ward Clubs are there?

30. Why do we call exhibits in the Lord Mayor’s Show “floats”?

31. Which livery company has not yet admitted women to membership?

32. What is unique to the following:  Fishmongers, Goldsmiths, Dyers, Saddlers, Blacksmiths, Basketmakers and Shipwrights?

33. What is a SABTAC?

34. Which livery hall served with distinction in World War Two? 

35. What uniquely happened in the Lord Mayors Show of 1983?

36. Where in the City would you see the famous inscription “The Earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof” (Psalm 24)

37. What priceless items, the subject of a book by a Lady Mayoress, were handed over to Mansion House in 1987?

38. Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Jet engine manufacture are all industries represented by what livery company?

39. Why was 1485 a bad year to be Lord Mayor?

40. The annual archery competition between the Bowyers and Fletchers at the Tower of London could not take place in 2011.  How was the rivalry for supremacy settled?

41. Who is the mother of the Livery? ie: the living female who served as a Master the longest time ago

42. Which livery company holds the “Cocks and Caps” ceremony for the installation of its wardens? 

43. Can you name four traditional ways of joining a livery company?  NB: Minor variation exists across the Livery

44. What two mythical pagan giants are the traditional guardians of the City?

45. What is the origin of a Masterpiece?

46. How many Livery Halls are there today?

47. What was the last company to gain livery?

48. In what room are people today admitted to the Freedom of the City?

49. Who was the last Non Aldermanic Sheriff to progress to become Lord Mayor?

50. How many years since a Lord Mayor has died in office?

With thanks to the compiler David Williams, with assistance from Adèle Thorpe, this quiz was originally published in the Summer 2019  Issue of MARKETOR.

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