Aldermen, Lord Mayors, Sheriffs

A note about these lists:

Some are excel spreadsheets for download. marked SS. Others are live on this site - view now. The former may be of use to researchers or historians, but are updated more infrequently. The latter are intended for day to day use by those seeking simply to check a contemporary name or date etc.

view now Court of Aldermen (current)

NEW view now Lord Mayors and Sheriffs (since 1979, non aldermanic sheriffs, since 1943) together with the Election Addresses of recent non aldermanic sheriffs, which serve to give a potted biography of the office holder at the time of their election)

SS Lord Mayors and Sheriffs (since 1872)

SS Past Lord Mayors (1189-2017) NEWLY UPDATED

SS Aldermen (1222-2017) NEWLY UPDATED

SS Mayors and Sheriffs of London (MASL) (1190 - 1558, 1559 -1642, 1643 -1750) sponsored by the University of Toronto Library SS

SS Past Sheriffs (non aldermanic, since 1190)

Book The Aldermen of the City of London, 1900-2010 by Sir John Chalstrey 

(Lord Mayor 1995-96)  ISBN 9780852030905 

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