Livery Companies Database

Click here to go to the Livery Companies Database for company contact details, masters', wardens' and clerks' names and photos, and links to websites.

Note for Livery Clerks: to change the details of your company at the database above, you will need your email address and a password. If you do not have or have forgotten your  password for changing details then please email me.

You have the option of entering details of all your company's officers (liverymen and employees), together with their direct emails, photos and biographies (in many cases) and other contact information. The fields that show information about your hall/caterers, church/chaplain, and military affiliations are also much enhanced, should you wish to use them. If left blank, they will not show at the public site.

For a simple list of Livery Halls click here, or for a map follow this link.

For a list of Companies by precedence, click here

Three mnemonics that help remember the order of the Great Twelve (or 12 Great) Livery Companies:

My Goodness Dear Father George, Sister Mary Has Stripped In Vatican Corridor.

My gracious, darling, for goodness sake make haste since I’m very cold.

Many Gross Drapers, Fish Golden Skins, Tailors Dash Salt and Iron Fine Clothes.

Prime Wardens

These companies have a prime warden, rather than a master:

Fishmongers, Goldsmiths, Dyers, Saddlers, Blacksmiths, Basketmakers and Shipwrights. 

The Weavers have an Upper Bailiff, and uniquely, the Master Bowyer serves two years.

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