These notes, grouped under the subject headings below, are intended to be of guidance to  those seeking advice on a particular livery related topic. They are not prescriptive, and how individual companies choose to conduct their affairs is, of course, entirely up to them. Most are written by Nigel Pullman, when the Livery Committee chairman, of whom you may read more at the foot of the Contact page.

In many of these papers, reference is made to The Master. In every case, it may be assumed to include the seven prime wardens (Fishmongers, Goldsmiths, Dyers, Saddlers, Blacksmiths, Basketmakers, and Shipwrights) and the Upper Bailiff of the Weavers.

Care has been taken throughout the writing of these papers to ensure gender neutrality. If the occasional implication of exclusion of women has erroneously slipped through, apologies.

Church, Trade & Military matters (Sport is now at its own menu tab above)

City Freedom & Apprentices

Clerk employment matters

Dinners & Protocol


Finance & Business (incl Computer matters)

How to join a livery company

Masters & Past Masters

New Guilds & Modern Companies

Sheriff matters (also with links re Lord Mayor)

Translation & Recording

City of London Equality & Diversity policy

Jargon Buster - a beginners' guide to the terminology of the Civic City, and some of its institutions, officers and events. Written by the Glovers' Company.

Livery Clerks are invited to submit papers of general help or interest to their colleagues for posting at this page. Or, if there is a topic which they feel it would be helpful to address and have available at this site, please tell the webmaster.

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