Masters & Past Masters

Common Hall, a guide for masters at the elections for the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs

List of Masters Pocket Guide, as prepared by the Secretary of the Fellowship of Clerks, March 2017

ditto MS Excel format

Lord Mayor's Show - Guard of Honour instructions

Masters' Biographies - some thoughts

Masters' Picture Book online (November 2015, sponsored by The Cook & The Butler)

Mistresses and Consorts' Picture Book online (2015-16, sponsored by The Cook & The Butler)

Mistresses and Consorts’ Guide, privately published, and NOT formally endorsed by the Livery Committee

Past Masters' Associations - an introduction to PMAs

Past Masters' Associations - a guide to setting one up

PMAs Contact list

Ironbridge Weekend

Ironbridge Livery Weekend - a note for masters

Masters' Badges of the City of London Livery Companies by Richard Goddard

ISBN 9781860777271

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