NEW:  ‘Philanthropic Giving by Livery Companies’ was published by the Pan Livery Initiative in February 2021 and shows that total livery giving in 2020 was £72m. You may read the report here.

The charities listed below are just some of those regularly supported by the City of London and its livery companies, (in most cases) over very many years, and with strong historical connections with the City. Treloar's  for example, the college for severely disabled young people, was founded by Lord Mayor Treloar in 1908, whilst the City Music Foundation was the brainchild of Lord Mayor Gifford in 2013.

In total, the livery companies collectively donate over £40M to charities each year. The City Bridge Trust (effectively the City of London’s charitable arm) additionally gives about half that amount annually to good causes.

How to apply for charity funds from livery companies?

There is no simple answer to this question, but some general guidance is offered at this link. Figures shown predate the report/research mentioned above.

Numbers shown are Charity Commission registration numbers, with links to the relevent CC webpage.

Brokerage Citylink1059173introducing young Londoners to City careers

Cadet Link  - the magazine celebrating the Livery Company support of London's military cadet units, published by the RFCA 1045926.

City Bridge Trust - 1035628The City of London's major charitable foundation

City and Metropolitan Welfare Charity - 205943Small grant giving charity

City Music Foundation1148641- provides professional musicians in the UK in their early work with expert advice, to help them to build successful careers.

English Clergy Association258559 - exists to support in fellowship the clergy, patrons, and others with an interest in the Church of England.

Freemasonry and the livery companies - 1164703 - a note on their similarities, and differences.

Lord Mayor’s Appeal - 1148976programme of events

Mansion House Scholarship Scheme1087486supports overseas students on degree courses at British Universities or for training  in the United Kingdom's financial services industry. 

Red Cross Christmas Market - 220949 at Guildhall - in odd years in November

Sheriffs' & Recorder's Fund - 221927 - A charity based at the Old Bailey, to support ex offenders.

Clergy Support Trust (formerly Sons & Friends of the Clergy)207736Festival Service in May, see Diary

Stepping ForwardA Tribute to the Volunteer Military Reservists and Supporting Auxiliaries of Greater London

Treloar's Today - latest edition of the College E-News

Treloar's 1092857to utilise the College's excellent and competitive printing services, contact or telephone 01420 547424

United Guilds' Service - 1060419 - see also Church folder in the Almanac


It has always been the tradition of Livery Companies to look out for their members who couldn't work, or those who were sick and the elderly. Livery Almshouses were originally established for the primary purpose of providing for disadvantaged members of the Company. About 18 livery companies retain this role, but nowadays usually to provide sheltered accommodation for elderly people in the geographic area of their almshouse(s). Eligibilty criteria will be decided by the Trustees, and candidates will typically be invited to attend an interview.

A list of livery companies that have almshouses is at the foot of this page.

More on this subject from The Almshouses Association -  245668

Additionally, The Charterhouse 207773 - provides similar accommodation for single men and women over sixty years of age, at Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6AN

Livery Companies that have Almshouses.

(NB Livery Companies are continually reviewing their invlovement with almshouses, and this list may change. Latest update February 2023)

Brewers Company

Butchers' Company - no longer

Coopers Company - no longer

Cordwainers' Company

Drapers' Company

Dyers' Company

Fishmongers' Company

Framework Knitters' Company

Girdlers' Company

Haberdashers Company - no longer

Ironmongers' Company

Leathersellers' Company

Mercers' Company

Merchant Taylors' Company

Pewterers Company - no longer

Salters' Company

Skinners' Company

Watermen's Company

Weavers' Company

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