Freedom & Apprentices, also Recording & Translation

Apprentices - a guide to earning the freedom by servitude

Apprentices - a more formal note from the Chamberlain's Court, to download

Apprentices - documentation required by the Chamberlain's Court


Freedom of the City - an introduction

Freedom of the City - a link to the Chamberlain's Court website

Dates of 2020 Court of Aldermen meetings - with closing dates for applications for the Freedom

These papers below were written by the Clerk to the Chamberlain’s Court, and as he is the person principally responsible for administering the granting of the Freedom of the City of London, may be considered the definitive words on the subject:

Freedom by Servitude (by serving an apprenticeship - see above)

Freedom by Patrimony (entitlement through a parent)

Freedom by Redemption  (that is by payment of a fine)

Patrimony, as applied to women

Recording the existing freedom of a person who received the freedom before joining a livery company, but who later does.

Translation whereby a liverymen changes their mother company from one to another

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